The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau has established new rules for disclosing loan terms to borrowers. Those rules took effect in October of 2015. See how this will effect you.

A few years ago, the real estate market was flooded with short sales- homes being sold for less that what was owed on them. The number of short sales has been reduced dramatically but they still make up 3-4% of all properties listed in King and Snohomish counties. If you are buying are they still a good deal?

If you are thinking about working with a close friend or family member to help you buy or sell a home, can you fire them if things don’t work out? Some people feel obligated to work with friends and family because they want to help those they care about earn a living. This can be a bad idea, but there is a solution.

If you are buying or selling an older home, make sure you check to see who the manufacturer of the electrical panel is. Many homes in the Seattle area had Zinsco panels installed when they were built. These have been recalled due to being a fire hazard. Click here for more information.

Most people who live in neighborhoods with Covenants Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) barely even know what they cover and rarely- if ever- violate them. I explain why CC&R’s won’t cramp your lifestyle.

Home buyers give homes nicknames when they are looking at them. If the lasting impression your home gives to buyers is of your thong, you may be in trouble.